About Curtis Dahl Photography

Curtis Dahl

Welcome to Curtis Dahl Photography! We specialize in wedding photography, family portraits, Bar/Bat Mitzvah photography, and special event photography. We have served the southern California area for over 25 years and often are called to go on destination events throughout the country.

Curtis Dahl has been a professional photographer for thousands of clients doing wedding photography, engagement portraits, Bar/Bat Mitzvah photography, corporate event photography, family portraits, corporate headshots, and architectural photography.

When asked about his philosophy of photography, Curtis likes the phrase Art-Journalism. A wedding is filled with rich moments to capture, without interference from the photographer. However, Curtis often adds art to his journalism (Art: 1. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination producing works to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.)   Cinematography is scripted and posed, but the magic is in making the scene natural. Whether it is getting the bride and groom to play, snuggle or dance in a romantic setting, or getting the flower girl to help the bride with her dress, Curtis likes to “apply” his “skill and imagination” to give his photography “beauty and emotion”.

Curtis Dahl Photography is proud of the local and national exposure it has received. Images have appeared in magazines including People, In Style, Bride’s Magazine, Lifestyles, Ceremony, Westlake Malibu Magazine and many photography trade magazines. We have been quoted and profiled in major media outlets including Special Events Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal. Photos and interviews have also appeared on television stations including KRLA, ETV, CNN, and In Style. Curtis Dahl was the only photographer to be a finalist 2 years for “Best Photography at a Special Event” sponsored by Special Events Magazine. He also won the international album competition 2 years in a row sponsored by WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). Thanks to such national recognition, Curtis Dahl’s clients include many celebrities as well as over a dozen high profile billionaires.

Curtis Dahl brings a wealth of experience to every photography shoot he does. When asked about his style: “Well, it is always a blend of my photography experience”.  His photography experience includes:

  1. Photojournalism: Curtis has covered prestigious grand openings such as the Bellagio, the Wynn and Encore, publicity events by governor Schwarzenegger in Sacramento, and Alan Greenspan for the Federal Reserve.
  2. Classic Portraiture: Curtis has shot, studied and taught portrait lighting and posing for years.
  3. Commercial Photography: Curtis has shot buildings designed by Frank Gehry, room shots for multimillion dollar events, and décor for leading southern California interior and landscape designers.
  4. Photography Timing: Curtis has photographed Shawn White snowboarding for the Olympic pre trials, Roger Federer playing at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, and Curtis’ own nationally ranked tennis player son Darren Dahl.
  5. Head shots and Fashion: Curtis is a regular contributing photographer for Lifestyles Magazine and Westlake Malibu Magazine.
  6. Fine Art Photography: Curtis has won several awards in national and international competitions for his photos and albums.
  7. Children’s Portraits: The best experience has been photographing the lives of Curtis’ own 3 kids (including one with special needs

When asked if he does anything special at an event, Curtis says simply, “I smile a lot, it seems to be contagious.”